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Resorts and Spas in South America – Travel There With A High Class Escort

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The beauty of South America isn’t often disputed. The natural environment around you, the smells of the many variations on delicious traditional foods, the sights, the sounds, the people, South America holds a universal appeal that is as unique as its many separate parts. Find the right girlfriend whether its a model or your slightly more exotic high class escort (you get what you invest in) to explore areas of Argentina, Colombia, and Brazil with, someone whose beauty matches the country you choose to visit, and many of the women who call it home, and perhaps even someone fluent in Spanish or Portuguese to help out with translation, then get ready to relax and enjoy yourself in the ideal resort, with nothing ahead of you but days of pampering and nights of passion.


Hands down, you’ll want to visit Alvear Palace Hotel if you’re going to be in Argentina, and with the county’s impeccable beef based cuisine style i.e. the sorts of steaks that could even tempt a vegan, world famous Malbec wines, and the chance to visit the Andes, why wouldn’t you want to travel here with your luxury travel model? Sophistication is incarnated within the walls of Alveaar Palace, in more ways than one. The ceilings are sky high, and the place wouldn’t be quite right without chandeliers, so of course it features impressive crystal ones that you’ll catch sight of as soon as you and your travel companion walk through the door. Corinthian inspired columns stand tall and proud, and add to the feeling of almost overwhelming opulence. Alvear has been a major landmark of posh travel in Argentina since the 1930’s, and the guest rooms draw their décor inspiration from those of the more famous Louises of French royalty, the XIV and XVI to be exact. If either you or your travel companion considers yourselves to be art enthusiasts you’ll appreciate the display of paintings by Argentinian artists in each room, as well as the highly realistic looking l’oeil mural in the spa which provides an almost illusionary effect.


It’s not just the spa where you and your travel companion will be able to enjoy the best in pampering experience either. Your very own bathroom is a treasure trove of toiletries custom made by Hermes for the hotel. Use them in your hydrotherapy enabled bathtub, and enjoy the option of watching the LCD TV which is standard in each bathroom as well. Your butler, who is of course bilingual, will be happy to prepare your bath, and help you and your travel companion with any other tedious tasks that may get in the way of fully enjoying ourselves as well.


When it’s time to do a bit of dining, visit La Bourgogne, the onsite French restaurant featuring chef Jean Pul Bondoux, for an incredible dinner made with fresh locally sourced Argentinian ingredients. When the sun rises indulge in the buffet set out for breakfast at L’Orangerie y Jardin d’Hiver, where you can also sit down to English style afternoon tea with your travel companion, and be served by waiters in white gloves, a nod to the hotels appreciation for old world European luxury appreciation.


Next up on your South American itinerary is Brazil, particularly the Copacabana Palace in Rio de Janeiro. The name is a familiar one, even for those who otherwise know nothing of Rio or Brazil, and for good reason. Since the early 1920’s the art deco styled Belmond Copa Palace has been a haven for the well off and well known. Now it’s your turn to indulge in everything this magnificent place has to offer. Your view of the Copacabana Beach, which you and the travel model in your company will definitely want to visit, is incomparable, especially since the hotel is located in the perfect vicinity to it. Should you and your companion choose to bounce around from the pool to the beach, the Copacabana has special staff members whose job it is to make sure that your belongings are safe where you leave them, an ultimate, but often unthought-of, luxury in life.  The piano bar helps to maintain some of that glamour first infused here during the 20’s, the pool is a beautiful social hotspot, and Hotel Cipriani, one of the onsite restaurants, brings the unexpected element of incredible Italian cuisine as well. Just about every place here offers a great experience for you and your companion to grab a nice drink and simply enjoy the moment.


Tennis Pros are also available on site, so play a match or two, after all a little activity is always good for you, even a leisure activity like this one, perhaps even especially a leisure activity since you are on vacation after all. Speaking of leisure activities, do a bit of shopping with your travel companion at the onsite boutiques, Villa Copa or 1923 are your choices and either could be a great place to find the perfect gifts and souvenirs for yourself and your travel escort. Clothes that are perfect for your time in Brazil as well as great pieces for the home, jewelry, and other items that can only be found in these locations are amongst your options.


Copacabana Palace spa is an absolute oasis in the middle of it all. The resort also boasts a fully equipped fitness center within the spa, and various classes are taught here as well through personal trainers who are a part of the hotel spa. Each room available for treatments in the spa is a personal space with the exception of suits set up for couples who’d like to receive treatment s together. A hair salon is available in the spa in the case that your travel companion would like to visit before a big night out, and as you’d expect, amenities like a dedicated area for relaxation and a steam-bath and sauna are also available. The hair salon is highly exclusive, which will be appreciated by your luxury travel companion as she is treated like royalty in its two floors.


Products used in the spa are completely organic, and made from ingredients found in Brazil, like white clay for skin perfecting masks and found in the Amazon, a variation of essential oils, as well as fruits like the ever popular Brazilian acai. When it’s all said and done, dine on selections from the Copacabana Palace Spa menu, which of course are high in nutritional value as well as being palatably satisfying.


Your next and final destination to indulge in South American luxury will of course be Colombia, and you’ll want to visit the JW Marriott in Bogata, a city that is currently undergoing a huge culinary boom. You and your travel companion will be able to experience this culinary awakening, as the Marriott is only a short walk away from Zona G, where much of the gastronomic magic happens.


Within the Mariott in Bogata, you’ll be able to experience La Mina, a great restaurant that is revered for its food as well as its Cathedral inspired architecture. The restaurant resembles the underground salt Cathedral of Zipaquira which was built in a salt mine, and it is a great place to go for an upscale meal and an impressive wine list. An extremely impressive spa is also housed here, with a wide range of services for both men and women to enjoy.