Welcome to Thescelosaurus! I hope that this site does justice to its namesake, the mighty basal ornithopod Thescelosaurus (the "marvelous or wonderful lizard"), and that visitors will find it very informative about just about any classic dinosaur (non-bird) they'd like to look up.

I am not renewing this website. It goes extinct April 9, 2015.

Type Species:

Other Species:



T. neglectus Gilmore, 1913

T. assiniboiensis Brown, Boyd, and Russell, 2011 late Maastrichtian (LK) of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Montana, South Dakota, and Wyoming  Ornithopoda
T. garbanii Morris, 1976
T. edmontonesis C. M. Sternberg, 1940=T. sp.
T. warreni Parks, 1926=
Parksosaurus warrenae


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